Saturday, January 22, 2011

These days

these days are passing so quickly.

Our dear girl is 11 months old.
I hate thinking "she's almost 1", not because I don't want her to be one. I do, I'm excited for all she's going to learn and see and do.
I just don't want to rush past month #11 to get there.

We (ok, just me) are still enjoying the typewriter. I have been tapping (clunking) out random bits of our sweet little one's days and lives. I like seeing it stamped out there. mistakes and all, no delete key on that machine.

I have finally got all the Christmas stuff packed away from all the "up high" places little hands can't yet reach. time consuming to say the least. I was sad to pack it all away - we had such a lovely Christmas - our first as a family of 4. Our sweet girl's first Christmas was very different from our dear boy's. She was just over 10 months - and "walking" around hanging on to furniture, getting right in there pulling paper and chewing toys. Our boy, well, he was just shy of 3 months at his first Christmas.

The last couple of days have seen our valentine heart garland develop. I've been able to squeeze in a stitch here and there (without too much (un)help from the 11 month old and the 2 year old!) it's been fun to stitch and watch their faces. so full of expression.

I've been making this bread for the last little while now.
Sherrie, over at Twenty Two Pleasant posted it a while back (2009) but I didn't really come across it until about October last year. Every now and then I'd give it a go... I liked it, it was good for soup dipping. almost like a sourdough, But I longed for more of a french bread type texture. this recipe is just so easy, that I kept coming back to it. and a few little changes, I had the bread I have been dreaming of making - squishy, soft, light and so tasty!

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