Wednesday, January 27, 2010

3 weeks

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yes, I have started the countdown. Three more weeks and we will be meeting our newest baby. I have plenty of mixed feelings. But from what I hear, they are pretty much the norm... I am partly sad it won't just be me and my boy any longer. I hope he will love being a big brother. I can't wait to hold our new little one, how strange it will seem to hold a tiny newborn again. I cannot believe how fast the time has passed me by, and for all the photos I've taken of my boy, I feel that I did not get enough. I am thankful for the digital age and am looking forward to capturing as many, if not more of his little brother or sister.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Owlet Beanie

My belly keeps on growing and I am starting to feel the urge to nest and knit, and make things handmade and wonderful for the newest little one.
Here is a pattern I made and knit up for a newborn hat - it's available free for a limited time! it's my baby gift to YOU!
should be CO 72!