Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Owlet Beanie

My belly keeps on growing and I am starting to feel the urge to nest and knit, and make things handmade and wonderful for the newest little one.
Here is a pattern I made and knit up for a newborn hat - it's available free for a limited time! it's my baby gift to YOU!
should be CO 72!


  1. Thank you!! I'm printing it now... in full color so I can enjoy the cuteness. It's adorable!

    PS. You might want to remove my widget from your blog cuz I don't have that wee quilts blog going anymore.

  2. Your blog is amazing - totally beautiful. I sure wish we lived closer - I wouldlove for you to photograph my grandbaby! I am your newest follower---


    Stop by my blog if you have a chance----

  3. you're right, it does look cute rolled up!

  4. I like how it looks like the owl is sitting on a wall, I'm already changing the pattern to look more like that....

  5. Your cast on stitch count is off by 1. To get the 2x2 rib it should be 72 not 71. I hope this doesn't impede on the decrease rounds. I'm not there yet, but will let you know.

  6. yes, I noticed that, haven't had a chance to change the pattern download yet - I did make a note on my ravelry page and at the bottom of this blog entry...perhaps I will make the correction note larger.

    it won't make much difference in the dec. just knit the extra and carry on.


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