Wednesday, January 27, 2010

3 weeks

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yes, I have started the countdown. Three more weeks and we will be meeting our newest baby. I have plenty of mixed feelings. But from what I hear, they are pretty much the norm... I am partly sad it won't just be me and my boy any longer. I hope he will love being a big brother. I can't wait to hold our new little one, how strange it will seem to hold a tiny newborn again. I cannot believe how fast the time has passed me by, and for all the photos I've taken of my boy, I feel that I did not get enough. I am thankful for the digital age and am looking forward to capturing as many, if not more of his little brother or sister.


  1. oh, i so remember those thoughts of when i added another one... taking away.. adding so much.... so many emotions.
    enjoy your last three weeks with the life as you know it.... :)

  2. thanks :)

    so many emotions is the perfect way to put it.

  3. Something tells me that baby might be here now? Congratulations, I hope. Just wanted to say that I LOVE the background on your blog.


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