Thursday, June 11, 2009

My Sweet boy

As much as I love {LOVE} photographing other people's sweet babes. I cannot help but love photographing my own the most. (it would be wrong to feel otherwise...right?!)
I have recently made changes to the privacy settings on my boy's photo blog. I've done so for a couple of reasons.
1. He is losing that generic 'baby look', really becoming his own little guy.
2. I don't want to hear about, or read about, or see my boy's photos being used without permission. Read what happened to this blogger to get a better idea of what the heck I'm talking about. It's my job to protect him from any weirdos lurking out there. corporate or otherwise. That is also the reason for the (more visible) watermark on them too.
That doesn't mean I won't be sharing photos of him here from time to fact, I think I should do just that right now!

He's growing so fast I can hardly believe it.

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