Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day pt 2

I was just sitting here drinking a hot chocolate (**shudder**) and reading a blog {Whatever}. The entry was about Father's day and what she remembers about her Father and what her kids will remember of their dad and their childhood. It made me start really thinking about my dad, and what do I really remember about him?

- his laugh, deep and hearty.
- the smell of paint thinner and plastic buckets used for cleaning his paint brushes.
- washing our dogs in plastic buckets
- running out to greet him after work, shouting 'can I check in your lunch box???!!!' - he always had a sweet snack he never ate.
- watching hockey with him all flaked out.
- cowboy boots
- cowboy hat
- blue button down shirts
- black slacks
- old spice
- bad jokes
- making me a trailer for my bicycle to tow my beloved Sam (stuffed animal) around - it may have been the first bike trailer ever!
- frying polish sausage and kielbasa up in a cast iron pan
- camping & cutting wood
- being small and begging him to pick me up and rock me, over and over. so soothing.
- checking out my first car
- trying to teach me golf in the yard
- his kilt
- mostly, I will remember his music. His fiddle playing, singing, guitar playing.

My dad died when I was 17. He may be gone, but I still hear him almost everyday.
in my car.
I am lucky enough to have copies of cassette tapes made in years gone by of my Mum, Dad, sisters Deb (sadly, gone now too) and Lisa and various other family members...not to mention random bits of everyday life - me, as a whining, 10 year old on Christmas Eve. And in an effort to keep the fiddle music present in my life and have my own sweet boy fall asleep to the same music and laughter and commotion that I did, I play these tapes in our day to day journeys and adventures. They are becoming the soundtrack for my boys babyhood, and when I hear them in the future, I will be reminded of my youth and of my boy as a baby.
Happy Father's day.


  1. what a nice post.
    how cool that you have tapes?! that is awesome.
    so glad you took the time to remember this today...your dad would be proud. :)

  2. I'm sorry that your father has passed away, but that's really cool that you have tapes of him singing! :)


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