Monday, May 04, 2009

Strawberry Coffee Cake Minis

Seriously. I cannot begin to tell you how GOOD these are. The recipe is from {here}, and you can find it below too. The recipe is actually for a coffee cake, but I decided that little minis would be MUCH cuter (and I was right!) I had some strawberries that I needed to use up before they went bad, so a quick search, then this gem of a recipe. It's SO easy....(would I bother if it wasn't? HECK NO!)
In fact, it is SO EASY, I made some on Sunday, and then I made some on Monday morning. I've eaten an embarrassing number of these....I won't say how many...but over two days, it's MORE than 6.
I got this AWESOME (prop) basket at a yard sale on Sat for $1. I thought about painting it white, for about a minute! but I love the look of it....Today the babe and I were at one of our fave 2nd hand shops, I found a prop that I've been wanting for while! it's THE cutes baby scale...complete with "nursery scale" written on it. I Cannot wait to do another newborn session and use this sweet thing! Pics to follow I am sure!
ok, onto the (modified) recipe portion of this post!

Strawberry Coffee Cake Minis

1 cup sifted all-purpose flour
1/2 cup sugar
2 teaspoons baking powder
1/2 teaspoon salt - (I used salted butter, so I omitted this)
1/2 cup milk
1 egg
2 tablespoons melted butter
1 1/2 cups strawberries, sliced


1/2 cup flour
1/2 cup sugar
1/4 cup butter

Optional: Nuts - I used walnuts in these (well, except for the 4 I sent to {Cindy}, I don't think likes nuts) SO GOOD!

- Sift together the 1 cup flour, 1/2 cup sugar, baking powder, and salt.

- Add milk, egg, and melted butter; beat 2 minutes.

- Spoon batter into a greased or paper lined muffin tin.
- Top with sliced strawberries.

Prepare topping:
- Combine 1/2 cup flour and 1/2 cup sugar; cut in butter until mixture resembles coarse crumbs.
- Sprinkle crumb topping over the strawberries.

375° for about 25 - 30 minutes.

Let them rest about 3-5 min


  1. Thanks for posting the recipe. These were amazing!

    PS. I like nuts, other than hazelnuts, which I'm allergic to. :) LOL They were perfect without the nuts, though!!

  2. Help! My husband made this as a cake this morning and I ate HALF of it when I was home for lunch. How do I avoid eating the rest? :) It's divine.

  3. the only thing to do is give it

  4. more than 6 eh? lol can't wait to make these


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