Monday, April 13, 2009

My Boy's first Easter

Happy Easter to all, I hope you had an excellent weekend. We did. It was a dark dark day... BUT! we had a lovely time eating all kinds of goodies... and while I didn't actually try this beautiful cake (I was far too busy inhaling the peanut butter cookies...) It did make for a pretty picture.

Today, we also celebrated a special Birthday - My boy's Great Great Uncle Neil's bday. we had the cutest most delish mini cupcake from TracyCakes
they were really good. and I managed to only (!) eat two! (saving room for more of the cookies....yum!)
Today we are going to have our 'Easter' with turkey and all the fixings..Our first as a family of 3. The boy's sleeping through the night is going pretty good. On Saturday night he ate at 1am (which is fine, because I'm usually up anyway) and he cried for about 5 min at 3 or 4am, then went back to sleep until almost 7. last night he was WIDE awake until 11pm (sigh) then didn't wake until 3:30 to eat, then after that, nothing...not a sound until almost 7:40 am...Progress I'd say. I love this sweet little thing, and he can take all the time he needs to adjust. I don't mind. ♥

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