Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Is today Monday?

Because it sure feels like it should be. The boy slept most of the night, he woke once just after 1, which I'm not surprised at, because he wouldn't eat his supper... That kid HATES wheat cereal... I guess I'll be making more baby food then. He LOVED the turkey, carrots and peas. Super easy to do too. YesterdayIn an effort to quell the chorus of "you need to baby proof" I am always hearing, I moved my computer. {Let me just say, I hate cleaning... I love the way it looks after, but the real reason I HATE it so much (besides the actual chore of 'doing') is because I can't seem to process in my brain WHERE the heck I put stuff... seriously... I am going on day 2 of my search for my Win xp disc. } I am now looking out over the deck towards the mountains... I love this view. I had the computer here before, but the cords and crap were more than I (we) could stand. This time, I've arranged it so most of the cords are gathered and bundled behind the tower, out of baby boy view and grasp. It only causes (photo editing) trouble when the sun is pouring through the window in the early morning.
I can also watch the fence progress from here. My fella has been working like a donkey building it after work. It'll be nice to let the dog out and not have to go with her to make sure she stays on this side of the road. There were 2 guys working like donkeys on it yesterday...Scit, {Cindy's} fella, so good of him to help :)

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