Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Easter. Making Baby Food.... Busy Busy

The time has been whizzing by. I hate that. I just really want to stop the time from marching forward at such an alarming rate of speed. My sweet boy is growing SO FAST. I can hardly capture it all. But I'm trying. We are trying to let him cry it out in the night...I cave a LOT faster than his dad does... and I think part of me will be SO SAD when he sleeps through the night, as absurd as that sounds... I will miss our little middle of the night snuggles SO MUCH. That being said, I am looking forward to all those sweet firsts he has coming...I'm going to take him to the park on Monday...I was trying to wait for his dad to come along too, but he said that he wouldn't mind if I took him...I'll be sure to get all the fun on video (and film-digital that is- too!)
My boy is napping right now, so I'm just processing some photos from the last couple of days...and getting the kitchen cleaned up for making some Easter treats...surprises for my boys and Unc. N. I'm also in the midst of making some baby food for the boy...spinach. so far, this kid will eat anything...and as soon as there's a tooth he'll be munching on whatever we're having instead of all this mushy stuff...I've really enjoyed the Photo Sessions of the past few weeks, though I think the most I want to do in one week would be 3 MAX. it just takes too much time away from my sweet little man. So, I've decided that I will offer sessions on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. plus 1 Saturday a month (special occasion only) This will also allow me to keep the quality where I want it.
That's about it for now...later, I'll tell you ALL about "The Super Bowl Outfit" an awesome story that will be sure to make you laugh.


  1. There is nothing wrong with caving when your baby cries. He's only a baby for a short time, and will learn to sleep through the night when he is ready.

    It's hard for parents when we are so tired and just want to help them get sleeping, but it's biologically normal for babies and toddlers to wake in the night and need soothing.

    You might want to check out the book 'No Cry Sleep Solution' as well as Dr Sears' book 'Nighttime Parenting'.

    This is not a criticism, just some info in case it might help.

  2. Thank you for the book titles :)


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