Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Blog Contest?

I am seriously addicted to {these cookies}. While I wait for another batch to bake away in the oven. It occurs to me that I am doing what I have always ALWAYS wanted to do - I'm at home baking, I have a guy I love, a little {bad dog} and a {sweet sweet baby}. I hope that it is always this way. That being said, I really want to start getting back at photography a bit more too... I don't want to do (as many) weddings. I guess it's because I recently had a baby of my own, that I want to focus more on the Maternity/newborn/baby side of the 'portrait' world. I now think I should've worked my prenatal class contacts! (lol) I am considering having a blog contest for a free baby session - that is only good if you're local... I was also thinking of doing a blog draw for a custom designed birth announcement...I will have to think that one through more...I would want to use pics I took...lol... any other ideas? comments? suggestions? about anything?
I leave you with a picture of my sweet boy.

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  1. Wow - You have a great, unique photography style - I'd love to see more of your newborn photography. If you're ever interested in affiliating with a Birth Announcements designer, or want to collaborate on your contest, I'd love to discuss!


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