Tuesday, January 13, 2009

:: Thankful for small miracles ::

Anyone that knows us, knows we have had a dog (a Craig'sList treasure) for just a little over a year now. We love her so much. When I got pregnant we hoped that she would love and protect the baby. She does both. When we got her, she was quiet (very quiet) well mannered, wouldn't set foot on carpet or furniture... now she's sleeping wherever she wants barking her fool brains out at her nemesis, the birds at the feeders and giving the farm dogs a hard time when we go there. basically, we've ruined her. We don't mind, she's quite a little ham and we love her so much.

Tonight we had a bit of a scare - make that a big scare.
We thought our beloved dog Bella was done for.
Not just gone.
by coyotes.

Bella M and Bella did their nightly 'go out for a pee before bed' the next thing I know, he's rushing around looking for a flashlight saying "I think the coyotes got her".
Even typing this out makes me shiver.
He goes flying out the door, I wrap up the boy and go out on the deck and start calling for her.
nothing. Just a flashlight in the darkness.

What I don't know is that before M even came in, he heard her yelping, and coyotes yipping like they do. And he could hear it getting further and further, then nothing.
Bella is a Cairn Terrier, she thinks she's a big tough dog... and when she hears the coyotes, she likes to give them a good barking at.

I put the boy in a safe spot and head out to the back, I can't see a thing, so I head back, and get the truck, throw it in 4x4 and head back to the fields where I give the truck to M and go back to see about the baby. By this time I've decided that I should put something other than my "fresh out of the bath" house coat and slippers, then I scoot across the street and ask the (nicest) neighbors to watch the boy while I holler for B-dog and M drives around looking for any sign of anything.

I was still in the back crying and calling for her when M comes back without her.

she's gone.

I can't quit though. I am now going through the fields behind the other neighbors calling for her...
did I mention the time??
around midnight.
C'mon Bella!
TREAT!! (usually the *magic* word)
we've been at this for about 45 min.

There is nothing. the only sound is M as he follows me up the road.

Then there is nothing. I keep walking, searching, looking. hoping. praying.

Then I hear M say "I have her"

sweet words.
She went right to him, and there isn't even a scratch on her - just mud.

BAD DOG! Electric fence for you.
I wanted to spank her and hug her all at once.

M was embarrassed that I woke the neighbors (though they assure me that they weren't sleeping) We went to get the baby, had a short visit and came home to snuggle our bad little dog.

I know she's "just a dog" but she has wormed her way into our hearts, and we are so thankful for this small miracle.


  1. Wow, that's quite the scare! Thank goodness you found her. Nice neighbors to watch Baby in the middle of the night.

  2. I lost my pug dog for an entire afternoon when we lived in Buckhorn... my guy took her and our weeny dog for a walk along the snowmobile trails and Sophia decided she'd had enough but he didn't notice she'd gone till it was too late - he couldn't catch up to her...

    long story short - someone picked her up on the highway and took her to a nearby trading post who called animal control. We had to wait for an hour for the guy who runs the "pound" in Buckhorn to come out. The look on Sophie's face when he opened the cage was priceless. I was a wreck (having cried my eyes out for hours!!). I wanted to spank her and hug her all at once too!!!
    Dogs or not - they are members of our family.
    So glad your story had a happy ending!!!!
    Tammy G.

  3. Hi Madelyn, I read your "Bella" story and I am so happy that she is okay. My heart was pounding when I read your blog. I am an animal lover too and was just sick at the thought of the other alternative. Love the photos and the one of your boots is just cool!! Great work, Madelyn. P.S. Your Cranberry Marmalade was incredible :) We all enjoyed it on Christmas morning. We emptied the bottle and thought of you and Mark and Andrew on the airplane heading for all those grandparents. :) I see you have the recipe on your blog so I'm getting my bottles ready to make a big batch for us to enjoy. I'll let you know how it turns out. Thanks for sharing your recipe. Stay warm, hugs from Airdrie. Gail and Russ


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