Monday, January 05, 2009

My Very Own WestJet Commercial!

We started out at 5am on the 22nd for what was suppose to be 7 days on the road (5 days of visiting, 2 days of travelling) we got to the airport to find our flight was delayed for 4.5 hours. That wouldn't have been so bad if it didn't cause us to miss the connecting flight. (can you tell where this is going?) and with it being Christmas time, every single flight was sold out. So, my baby had his first Christmas in a hotel. (insert crying mother at an airport here)
It actually wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. We were given accommodation and meal vouchers and we were put up in a very nice room (I've never stayed at a Best Western that had down duvets before... nice!) It was while we still at the airport waiting for our luggage to surface that I realized the meal vouchers were great for the 2 'grown ups' but what was my 2.5 month old boy going to have...fries? I had packed his diaper bag with enough supplies for the 5 hour flight, and perhaps a 4 or 5 hour delay (if we had to await another flight..yeah right!) but I didn't have anything for 3 nights... So, off I went - babe in tow - to stand in another line to get some vouchers for diapers and formula for him. It was while I was standing in this line that a very nice lady (Gail) that worked for WestJet offered to hold the boy (so I could rest my arms)
After a bit of small talk, she asked me what I was waiting for, so I say my funny (to me) line "what's my boy going to eat... fries?" When she found out that we had limited diapers and formula, she took it upon herself to ensure that we didn't go without. She took the boy and me right over to the Pharmacy in the airport (I never even knew that some airports had pharmacies!) and made sure my baby had everything he would need for his 1st Christmas adventure! Gail even made sure we had something to eat before we left the airport by taking the 3 of us weary travelers for dinner - which turned out to be doubly helpful as it allowed time for our luggage to be found - then she not only arranged for her husband to come to the airport and take us to our Hotel, she came in to the hotel to make sure we were taken care of right away! now that's service! It's hard to be mad at WestJet when they went did so much for us - Everyone I spoke with at the hotel that was a stranded WestJetter had only great things to say about the airline, myself included..
We were even invited to go over to Gail's and spend some time with her and her family on Christmas Eve. right down to sweet pressies for our sweet boy.
totally above and beyond!
It really was an amazing time. and we totally did feel like we were in a WestJet commercial!
So a BIG BIG BIG thank you to Gail and to westjet for taking care of us and our boy - it's truly appreciated and the people we've told about our experience have been telling others about it - great customer service=good word of mouth advertising I guess!


  1. Dearest Madelyn, Mark and beautiful baby Andrew. Not only are you a fantastic photographer but storyteller as well! :) You are truly welcome for any comforts I as a humble WestJetter provided to you during this very challenging time for you and your family. Happy New Year to you all, With affection, Gail and family.

  2. Gail - I came across this blog and as your friend and fellow WestJetter you make me SO proud to be a part of your life and a part of this company. You are an amazing woman:)

  3. Madelyn,

    Your story was posted on our inter-company website. I am very proud of Gail for doing what she did for you and your family during the hard time of traveling over the christmas week! I am a flight attendant at Westjet and heard some amazing stories of how everyone went above and beyond during the hard time, but your story brought tears to my eyes. I am very happy that you had a great experience with Westjet and hope to see you on one of my flights!

  4. Thank you all so much for taking the time to visit my little blog and for your comments.

    to anonymous #2 - I hope to see you on one of our flights too (though, I won't actually know I'm on your flight, unless your name is really Anonymous! LOL)

  5. WOW what an incredible story!
    Gail you truly are a gaurdian angel. I feel blessed to have you as a co-worker. I to am a fliht attendant with westjet and im so impressed with how above and beyond Gail went to make your family feel like they were going to have some what of a normal christmas.
    I wish all the best to you and your family in the new year as welll to gail and her family!!!!!


  7. Its stories like these that make me truly happy to be a WestJetter.

    EXCELLENT photography, especially the last photo with the baby next to the window and the winglet inthe distance :)

  8. Beautiful Pics!! I am also an F/A at Westjet and that story is the reason why I love going to work!!! Way to go Gail!


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