Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Little Boys keep strange hours

It's now 6:47 am. I've been up since just after 5. The boy is sleeping again, but I have decided to clear some (much needed) space on my computer (sorting old folders can take forever). And while I wait for my dvd backups to burn, I'm reading some photography blogs - One I've been reading lately is {this one} I enjoy her stories about her kids, and crafts. I like her style of photography, it's similar to my own. She made these cute {little hearts} she mentions that she traded a photo session for the felt to make them...what a good idea. It gives me something to think about (in my sleep deprived state) and consider!

I had a very good time when my MIL was here to visit over the weekend (is that weird? any movie I have ever seen that has a "mother in law" she's always evil and awful. I am so glad that mine isn't that way.) We had loads of fun going to all the local thrift stores. we found this adorable wagon at the very first one we went to. I wish she was a bit closer so we could get together more often. I went to my fav one again yesterday (hard to resist when baby clothes are .50 cents a pc) and I got the boy a ceiling light for his room when he's a big boy and has outgrown the adorable {fish light}. The one I got yesterday was $3 and the shade looks like a map/globe thing - pic to follow in my next post (I hope!)

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