Wednesday, January 28, 2009

:: Gingerbread Latte and bartering ::

Today I had made something yummy - a gingerbread latte. It was so good.
Here's the recipe for any of you brave enough to try it (it's so easy, and good)

I read the other day about a photographer that trades her services for, well, other services...I love this idea and while I don't know how I could work it, but I am thinking more and more about it. If you have any ideas of how to go about this (or even something you'd trade, let me know)


  1. I swap soap for haircuts, and it's the best arrangement! I love your header (I usually read in Google Reader), and the recipe looks great. :)

  2. for every trade I've ever done I've approached the person/company about it. I asked my dentist if he'd be interested in a family session and I got my cleaning for free (no dental insurance currently), I talked to our chiro. about bartering photos for her office and design work and she gave me 6 months free service, i asked a local stationary shop if I could hang prints in their wedding and baby sections in exchange for free sessions for the owners and they loved the idea! It's been great for us financially (I only offer the session... they still have to order prints) and it's also a great marketing tool to get my name to new potential clients!

    Good luck!


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