Friday, January 09, 2009

day 100

I cannot believe my {sweet boy} is 100 days old. He is currently napping...getting ready for today's photo shoot (lucky boy!)
I have been busy around here - my {website reno} is nearing completion, only the Bellies section of my online portfolio is left to be done - that will have to wait, due to space limitations on my 'puter. I've had to find alternate hosting for all my pics (ie: I had to burn them onto cd) and am still labelling and re-organizing.
In other news, it has FINALLY stopped raining here...nearly 5days of steady rain - we did have some wonderful snow, this is what it looked like when we got home:So bad that now it looks like this: The mountains are still beautiful, but the fields are soggy messes. and thanks to all the rain, we are now enjoying a "boil water" I had to boil the baby bottles etc and boil up some water for us to drink/brush our teeth with. sure wish we had the snow still.

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