Sunday, September 21, 2008

Goodbye Summer

Fresh Flowers
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Today is the last day of summer.
I am sad to see it go, what we had of 'good' weather that is, but I do love those fall soups, stews, sweaters and knitting mitts and hats. Baby is due in 17 days - it's hard to fathom really, It's been just me for so long, then it's been 'us' for the past 7 years (really?? that many already?) and now it's going to be the three (four if you include Bella...and who wouldn't?) as I type this, baby is wigglin' up a little storm...protesting my sitting still no doubt... urging me to finish up with the nesting

Friday, September 19, 2008

The Drawer Boy

A while back, I was contacted by a theatre group in England asking if they could use one of my photos for their upcoming production "the Drawer Boy" I guess it's almost show time, my is on the production webpage. I'm looking forward to seeing the print material when they send it to me.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Summer's End and Parking Lot Carnivals

The summer might be coming to an end, but there are other things to look forward to.
I love the changing of the seasons - the smell of a crisp fall morning; fall soups and stews, the first fire of the season, and parking lot carnivals and fairs.
My baby is due in 3 weeks, we are very excited for that - I am looking forward to tying my own shoes again. The past few weeks has been spent getting ready for baby. I think we are mostly prepared (as much as you can prepare for the unknown) I will miss having baby all to myself, but I can't wait to meet him/her and see my fella hold his little baby. I won't miss having to pee every 20 min and being unable to breath because some little peanut is squishing my lungs.