Tuesday, December 09, 2008


After being up since 4:30am yesterday my sweet fella took the baby so I could enjoy this:
A hot bath, cup of hot chocolate and some Christmas crafty magazines - it was awesome. And I managed to stay puke & pee free for a whole hour afterward - I've still managed to keep the puke out of my hair so far :) - not a great photo, but I was eager to take that bath...

as a direct result of my bath (and the Martha mag) I decided I should knit the boy a stocking for his first Christmas, it's on the needles, but I have so many other things to finish - we'll see how it goes...I envision myself leisurely knitting away on the plane - this is where my lack of sleep allows me to think that I will actually be able to do just that on the 4 hour flight with a 3 month old baby (we are crazy, yes... but it's not as crazy as me deciding to drive across Canada at 7 months pregnant, now that was crazy - fun but crazy)

I would be working away right now, but the little man needed some grub and a cuddle (and I needed coffee...) He's finally into his Halloween sleeper (from his Aunite S) it is so cute, I don't care if it's not very Christmassy... He's wearing it! (click pic to see other photos of this little lamby)I am almost done the body of the WeeWonderful doll I am making I am looking forward to going thru my stash for the clothes, the doll is for my niece's Christmas pressie (was that not clear?) she's 2 already! hard to believe...
Ok, the little man is back to sleep, I've read some of my daily read blogs and I'm almost done my coffee (cup #1) so, I'd best get to the arms of this doll...

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