Monday, December 08, 2008


My day started at around 4:40 this morning...I've already had a cup of hot chocolate, and am now drinking a coffee/hot chocolate/whipping cream concoction - very tasty (and almost like a meal)
Baby boy and I have been listening to Christmas carols since about 5am. He was not interested in sleeping...I even tried the swing, he'd sleep on and off for about 10 min at a time.
Sleep when the baby sleeps, yeah right. at around 5:30 I thought I was going to get to go to sleep, but then he leak through his diaper, pj's onto me, the pillow and the (ugly-on-the-way-out-anyway) couch, so onto the 3rd set of jammies for the night (must remember to point the fire hose DOWN)
I have a pile of unfinished Christmas pressies to complete.
He's been asleep for almost 30 min now (in a row!) He must've puked on me caz I can smell sour milk... what to on pressies, sleep or take a bath... The choices are ENDLESS!!
as tired as I am, I wouldn't trade my milkbaby and the sleepless nights for anything

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