Friday, December 12, 2008

12:10 am

I should be sleeping... Baby is sleeping, so should I right? I'm tired, yet I am sitting infront of this bloody computer. Why?? A few reasons... Christmas pressies, and editing.
I did a shoot today with my boys ☺
I managed to get 45 min (and almost 200 pics - love digital and the remote) before he started to meltdown. I love shooting babies. I liked the weddings too, but when I start booking them again, I want to gear my shoots more toward capturing natural moments...more photo journalistic less "posie" - I'd like to start shooting more babies and children if you've got em, I want em... - let me know, my prices are reasonable - while I fill my portfolio, then they'll skyrocket! lol.

The baby's room used to be my photo studio, it gets the best light...I miss having all my lighting in there, I find I am still using it for shooting - good thing the little man isn't in there full time yet.
here are a couple. I want to edit them as soon as I am done with the 5 other things I have going on...The boy has been sleeping so sweetly allowing me to craft away ♥

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  1. OOoh, that face! So very, very sweet and kissable. :)


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