Friday, October 03, 2008

17.5 hours old

17.5 hours old
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My water broke 10 days before my due date.
An interesting experience.
it was 2:30 am.
I was at home - good.
I was alone - not so good.
Well, alone sort of - I had Bella there.
Bella the dog.
I get myself together,
and off the 3 of us (me, baby belly and bella) go
I didn't have time to take Bella the dog anywhere, so we all went together - I drove.
after 3.5 hours of calling - I finally got baby daddy on the phone at his work. Got Bella to the doggy sitters and after 42.5 hours, much drama, dropping heart rates and an emergency C/Section... here is the much awaited baby boy.
So much for an October baby.
September is good too :)
we are very tired, but very very happy

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