Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Etsy Treasury & Trifted Linen

I had an opportunity at Etsy to create a treasury! so naturally I choose Viewfinder images! so, naturally I choose Viewfinder photos...all of these artists are amazing. each one is so unique, but tied together by the vintage black framing. swooooon! They are just terrific!

I had a good time yesterday at the local thrift store! All clothing was $1 a piece...I came away with several linen dresses...I was going to reuse them to make small toys and baby stuff...but I am sitting here in a freshly washed, clothesline dried I guess I am keeping two of them...the pretty sky blue one and the cute chocolate brown one! I also got a pair cords (to be cut up for crafts) a pristine white queen duvet cover - which I will embroider - and two yellow stripe sham covers...all looked very delightful on my clothesline...!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Notecards & Thrifted Goods

Yesterday was quite busy.
I'm quite happy to annouce that my TtV photo notecards are now available at the 'Yarrow County Gifts and Baskets' - a BIG Thanks to them! there you will find 15 assorted notecards to choose from! as well, you will find some of my photography on display throughout the store!

It's been tough keeping up with demand, it's very exciting and well worth the challenge!!
I have put a few up in my Etsy shop as well..
in other news....I had 2 fun days of thrifting!!

I spent about $15. that got me:
a fun red & white umbrella, an old enamel drawer from a fridge - it has "Meat-Chilled" on the front (my poor fella! what he has to put up with!) it'll be great for yarn/fabric storage...and it'll look cute too! - a sham cover, a shot glass (every girl needs one) a coffee cannister, 2 fireking pie plates, 2 cute aprons (photos to follow of them I'm sure!) a nut cracker, a picture frame, a cute old metal strainer (not visible in photo!) and a mat cutter! The mat cutter was the most expensive item at $9. I don't normally spend that much at the thrift stores, but I've been looking at mat cutters for a while now...and $9 for a quality vintage mat cutter was a good price!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Viewfinder notecards - in my Etsy shop!

Gulls - in flight
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My photo (fast moving) notecards are back, with a twist! I am offering my work as original Viewfinder Notecards, they can be given as gifts and can be framed as sweet little piece's of original canadian fine art. I have put up the first one, an adorable 'new baby' notecard.
in other happenings....I've been quite busy baking in the kitchen! I am loving this time of year, and all that nature has to offer....those blackberries....soooo good. I am well stocked with fresh (now frozen) fruit and will be busy making jam, pies, muffins and cookies for quite, how am I going to work on that wedding quilt that I am suppose to be making???

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

The Zipper

I love that time of year when fairs and carnivals start up in communities all around me!
This year, I am taking more time to get out and photograph all the sights and smells for my "summer fun" series of my viewfinder collection. These will be available in my Etsy Shop as notecard sets and individual prints.
Come by and check them out!

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Photo Life Magazine

well, today I found out that a photo I submitted to Photo Life Magazine's Showtime contest was selected for publication in the Sept 2007 issue. it's actually not yet on news stands, but is out to subscribers (which is how I found out....from a subscriber, who - thankfully - posted about it on Flickr)
Needless to say, I'm pretty excited about it. and I'm itching to see what it looks like in a magazine!
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