Monday, November 26, 2007

Studio Shots

I have been working all day at setting up my photo studio. really organizing it and setting up new lighting I got the other day, getting ready to do some portrait work. I am really happy with it, and this photo comes straight off the camera, no photoshopping at all. the light is soft and even. I love it.
Bella was a stellar subject and was most willing to sit for multiple (ok, 75 or so) shots while I tweaked the lights and settings... she sat, laid down and snoozed away like a sweet little lamb. She has been a most welcome addition to our little family and we have had a splendid time running our fool heads off. (though I must say, my rusty highland dancer muscles are protesting loudly...must get back dancing SOON) She has a love for rolling in cow poop... I'd prefer that she didn't do that (ick) she's starting to realize that means there will be a bath afterward... that doesn't deter her one bit...

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