Thursday, November 08, 2007

Gallery Openings and Artist Statements

I am sitting here writing my artist statement. I will be submitting my work to a gallery for consideration and need to provide one. It's been an interesting exercise. Trying to pinpoint the reasons behind my work. I've never really thought about the 'whys or the hows' I've only just 'done' it. I enjoy the entire process of the work I have been doing, I am always thinking of the picture I am working on and the next one I want to take... photography is a 'chance' type of art...yes, you can set up shots and lighting...but the only time I want to do that is when it's too dark to go out and 'play' I like natural light over studio light...saying that, I have a hundred different ideas that I want to try in the studio in my head right now. Before I can get to that, I must make myself finish my 'artist statement', then I can start the series of christmas photographs that I am wanting to do.
Tonight is my first Gallery opening...I have no idea what to expect or what to think or say. I hope this goes's been a list of firsts for me, my first juried exhibit, my first time submitting any of my work for a gallery type setting, my first time being part of a mixed media show. I must remind myself that this is fun, and I like it, and this is what I wanted...right? yes, right. I have had sales of my work, it's strange and satisfying to think that my photographs are in private collections in Canada and the USA.

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