Saturday, November 17, 2007

Christmas Lights and Bella

We are getting a dog.
Not just any dog. we are lucky enough to be chosen to be the new home for the cutest 2 year old Jack Russell cross named Bella. We are picking her up tomorrow and I am looking forward to all that having a dog brings. it's been 7 years since my little dog Willy passed away. It will be fun to have a furry face looking at me again. I am sure she is going to have a grand time running at the farm with the 'boys' and exploring her new environment (being new to the area myself, I'm looking forward to exploring it too)
Today we got the Christmas lights up on the outside...They look really cute! The wind is really blowing now, so it will be a test for the little plastic clips holding them on! I have just about got the (photo) studio set up. I will be doing some work on my website with regards to Portrait pricing etc. I must also start my christmas baking!! that is something I am looking forward to tonight! I must not eat all the baked goodies - ok, got it

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