Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Memory Lane

Blue Bug
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This car and emailing with friend about craft fairs has me walking down memory lane for sure...
a while back my sister and I did a craft was before crafting was cool (ie: I was surrounded by plastic canvas needle point, crochet acrylic pink baby sweaters (on matching crochet hangers) made from 1950's Beehive books, and knitted toilet paper covers...I made $70 (mostly from family) sadly my sister is gone now, so it's quite a nice memory to have.
I don't know where I got the nerve (or the idea...but...) I was selling hot chocolate and mug sets...not just any mugs....thrifted mugs from the goodwill! LOL..again...that was before thrifted stuff was cool... lol. Gilligan's Island was in re-runs and I just kept thinking that I wanted the mugs to look like coconuts... I guess we should've known better than to do a 'crap fair' - as we put it - at the same place where the social bingo is held....there's another memory! The prize table just got sadder and sadder.... there was 'Christmas in july' prizes and Big cans of Apple Juice and Kraft Dinner... but we all went anyway! lol.

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