Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Cornflower Cottage

This cute fella was found at Cornflower Cottage Antiques (in Chilliwack) and this photo will make a great gift for one of the "moms to be" that I know...I hate parting with the little guy, and before I do, I'll be sure to make a pattern from him. Also, my photo notecards can now be found at this lovely antique store.
a print of this photo can be found in my shop.
It's actually been sunny here for the last 4 days (in an actual row!) and it finally feels like summer...I met 2 of the neighbors last night. out at the mail box...after someone made a bon fire out of the 3 of them on the weekend... crazy. then yesterday, someone dumped scrap wood on the lawn...(starting to wonder what kind of place my fella made me move to!)

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