Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Comet and the Great Lake Swimmers

I am currently (yes still) going through my photos. Looking for ones that I deem 'portfolio worthy' I am loving this comet shot for sure.
While I puruse(sp?) my photos, I am listening to 'Your Rocky Spine' by The Great Lake Swimmers...awesome tune. Folky Rock with touch of what seems to be bluegrass roots...or so the banjo/mandolin would imply. They're offering free - 5 tunes here
I am still bent about my Flickr account...(I know..dead horse, still kicking it..) I can still upload photos to my old account...for all the good it'll do me...


  1. Thanks for that link. Listening in now. They sound great.

    Sorry your ID is still messed up. Is your flickr account back? Maybe it's been fixed? I do love this one. I need to redo my contraption and go find something interesting to point the TtV at.

  2. Thanks PBonnie...
    and as of a little earlier I have all my flickr/yahoo fixed!
    and I'm glad you're enjoying them!

  3. Happy you've got your flickr/yahoo fixed. :)

  4. Oh I am loving this shot!! I am new to TtV, but am totally hooked!
    This shot makes me think of Stephen King.


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