Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Viewfinder notecards - in my Etsy shop!

Gulls - in flight
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My photo (fast moving) notecards are back, with a twist! I am offering my work as original Viewfinder Notecards, they can be given as gifts and can be framed as sweet little piece's of original canadian fine art. I have put up the first one, an adorable 'new baby' notecard.
in other happenings....I've been quite busy baking in the kitchen! I am loving this time of year, and all that nature has to offer....those blackberries....soooo good. I am well stocked with fresh (now frozen) fruit and will be busy making jam, pies, muffins and cookies for quite sometime.....now, how am I going to work on that wedding quilt that I am suppose to be making???

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