Sunday, December 31, 2006

Merry Christmas

I did it! I mostly made gifts for christmas this year. marmalade, cookies, handmade amigurumi dolls & framed photos.
I've recently discovered TtV. a type of photography that I am totally enamoured with, it combines old cameras with new digital technology.
Alicia Bock has beautiful work. The first TtV photo I saw belongs to her. She has excellent info and links in her blog. The snowman is my 1st attempt. I didn't crop him into the 'traditional' square of Ttv technique (as I used him for christmas cards)
I used my sony DCS F717 and an old Ricohflex tlr that I have (it takes 120 flim, but I've never used it. I have a Yaschica 12 tlr for that - what can I say? a girl needs a light meter)
2nd photo: also used for christmas cards, handmade dicken's village (complete with quilled snowman) I cleaned some of the dust off the lens and viewfinder before taking the photo. you can see what they looked like before the crop here.

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