Sunday, December 31, 2006

Merry Christmas

I did it! I mostly made gifts for christmas this year. marmalade, cookies, handmade amigurumi dolls & framed photos.
I've recently discovered TtV. a type of photography that I am totally enamoured with, it combines old cameras with new digital technology.
Alicia Bock has beautiful work. The first TtV photo I saw belongs to her. She has excellent info and links in her blog. The snowman is my 1st attempt. I didn't crop him into the 'traditional' square of Ttv technique (as I used him for christmas cards)
I used my sony DCS F717 and an old Ricohflex tlr that I have (it takes 120 flim, but I've never used it. I have a Yaschica 12 tlr for that - what can I say? a girl needs a light meter)
2nd photo: also used for christmas cards, handmade dicken's village (complete with quilled snowman) I cleaned some of the dust off the lens and viewfinder before taking the photo. you can see what they looked like before the crop here.

Friday, December 15, 2006

Button Love

after having NO CAMERA for 3 weeks, it's finally fixed and back in my grubby hands! in time for Christmas too, thankfully.
MIL and I got some buttons recently (a while ago?) and I picked up a bag of mixed buttons... and I love them.

Here are my Christmas goodies - all in various stages of development! - for the little gals, an amigurumi monkey, amigurumi cat, a little lamb, scotty dogs, and hand warmers (similar to these)...
I'm doing pretty good I think... not too many more things to do (if you don't include baking and cleaning!)

I finished Baby C's quilt intime for her baptism. my camera was dead by the time I finished it, so I will get a proper picture of it soon. it's all together here, but not batting, or backing and binding.