Saturday, November 04, 2006


Ok, loads of stuff going on right now....
first of all..Congratulations to Sonya and Steve, they have just announced their engagement...tentative date set for fall 2007! yay!

after many (MANY) hours...
I am finally (finally!) finished the
dvd of our trip to Ireland....
10 days of Ireland took (easily) 40 hours to make a 35 min dvd.... the only thing left is rendering it (in progress) then burning the dvds

I am just about finished up with Glen's piping CD...
just have a bit more to do to the artwork,
then I can courier it away to where they make the rest
of the magic happen....
since this is my first graphic design project, I can't
wait to see the final product!

now, I just have to get my wedding photo dvd going, and I will be all set!

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