Saturday, November 18, 2006

Candy Apples and Christmas

Ok, so I am behind.... this is what we did for Halloween... now I didn't actually make any, these are Laura's... they look so good. I can say that the caramel, and all the candy used was very very good! I made cookies, witches cookies with skor bits. de-lish!

I was out to see my beloved, was so good to just be near him, I miss him so much. we went to a wonderful little spot
on Vancouver Island, it was very hard to leave.

I've finally finished with Glen's cd. (I hope) there were some small changes that had to be done, but nothing major.

I am gearing up for Christmas, I've rinsed all my cookie cutters getting ready, and have re arranged my sewing area. I am serious about giving very few "store bought" gifts this year. It feels like I've remembered something important. I've been listening to Christmas music all day, and have even found a radio station that is playing it already!

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